When one unexpectedly finds one of the grander moments in life in one of the grittier places, it sticks to the mind as mashed potatoes slung at the wall by a twelve-year-old swinging from the chandelier.

Why did he do that!?” queried mom in her disbelieving voice.

“It’s a guy thing,” replied dad in his I’d-rather-be-at-the-bar-drinking-beer voice.

Like that, this grand moment New Years’ Eve 1988 in one of the grottier of bars I’ve been in, was definitely a guy thing, an extempore, gay-guy thing.

The bunny versus the diva was a battle royal, an epic onslaught waged by Mathilde…


Enmity has a way of transforming over time to understanding and empathy

This is an image of a man standing with his left arm extended down and his left fist clenched in anger. The anger shows in the bulging veins of his arm.
Anger | credit: Andranik Hakobyan | iStock (under standare license)

It was a cool morning in mid-September 1977. We were parked at the reservoir in Dennison, Texas, where he was born sixty-four years earlier to the month. It was the first I had seen of him in three years and the third time I had spoken with him in the five years since I talked him down from his intent to kill the man for whom my mother divorced him.

It was the last time I would see him in life, and the last time I would hear his voice until the afternoon in 1981 on the day of the…


The bunny and the diva

The photo is of two Champaign flutes three-quarters full standing at the left foreground against a pale, Champaign-colored background.
New Year’s Toast | credit: saha_stozhko | Shutterstock (under standard license)

New Year’s Eve in a backwater

It was 11:50 New Year’s Eve, 1988. I sat alone in a backwater bar, the only gay bar in backwater Fayetteville in backwater Arkansas in the backwater Deep South.

I was in Fayetteville because my brother had dragooned me into his law firm as its chief litigator. We represented farmers against agricultural lenders foreclosing on thousands across the country. It was my job to take those cases to trial. We headquartered in Fayetteville because it was where my brother lived.

The region was home to some of the most conservative, right-wing, Republican religiosity I have ever had to endure. I…

Essay | Autobiography | Polyamory

Polyamory is a vital constituent of human sexuality. It should neither be denigrated nor denied, but celebrated

A photo of three handsome, gay men sitting barefoot next to each other on a huge sofa.
Three men on a sofa | credit: Vlad Orlov | Shutterstock

I am a gay, polyamorous man. I have been polyamorous all my active gay life. I was polyamorous 22 years before the term was coined in May, 1992. For the first 22 years of my love life, there wasn’t an adjective for what I was or how I lived and loved.

Those of you out there who are about to turn off and walk away because you’re not interested in another gay sex romp through a vast wasteland of loose morals and aberrant sexual behavior, don’t do it. It’s not necessary. …


Quality content and proper formatting are imperative

Perfection | credit: Nick Youngson | Alpha Stock Images (licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

Preliminary Considerations

In writing for public distribution, one pursues perfection with unyielding determination. It’s hard-coded in one’s DNA. No other way is possible for one.

However, Dr Mehmet Yildiz suggests that the determined pursuit of perfection is counterproductive. It tends to diminish productivity. He suggests that one strive to approach excellence rather than doggedly pursue perfection. One needs to learn when to stop. See the comment to Perfection in Writing Is the Goal.

Every story, poem, or article one writes for publication on Medium must have several specific content features and must be formatted appropriately. Otherwise, one may find the piece unacceptable…

This is a pencil sketch of a writer seated at his cluttered, book-strewn desk holding a scroll in his left hand and a quill pen in his right. On the scroll is the quote “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader,” from Robert Frost. In the background is a circular window with one pane open. In the right middle ground stands a hat rack with his hat, coat and satchel hanging from it. At the bottom is the quote “One day, I will find the right words, and they will be simple,” from Jack Kerouac.
The Wordsmith™ — Existentialist Extraordinaire | quote on the scroll from Robert Frost | author’s registered trademark

From tragedy, angst, and anguish comes something at…

Window Panes | credit:Pichet suriya | Shutterstock (under license; edited)

Stories of a gay, late-twenty-something’s escapades in life…

Window Panes | credit:Pichet suriya | Shutterstock (under license; edited)

A gay young buck’s coming-of-age stories of life…

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